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Hello, I’m Jade

I have a passion for all things sweet, from traditional baking to the world of ‘No Baking,’ and I’m drawn to bright and delightful experiences. My childhood was filled with the comforting presence of my Mum, Bupchia, and Nan, all engaged in the art of baking and cooking. They generously passed down their culinary skills to me, and some of my fondest memories involve being in the kitchen with them, revelling in the joy of creating delicious treats.

My initial vision was to establish a space where children could relish the joy of making treats without the need for baking. However, as I engaged in conversations with others, I realised that this space extends to everyone—regardless of age, neurodiversity, disabilities, or learning preferences. It’s for those lacking the confidence or knowledge to whip up delectable treats in the kitchen. I firmly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy their time in the kitchen while crafting delightful treats. This belief inspired the creation of the ‘No Bakery’ sweet treats book, complete with picture instructions.

In this inclusive culinary space, all you’ll need are basic kitchen tools like a microwave, electric beater, or food processor. Join me for the fun, and along the way, I’ll sprinkle in some interesting facts.

Fun Facts

No Bakery recipes are great for beginners. There is no burning or under cooking the ingredients. You just get to play around and have fun!

Fun Facts

No Bakery recipes can enhance the overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities (NDIS) allowing them to gain new skills.

Fun Facts

No Bakery recipes tend to have fewer steps and ingredients which require less precision which reduces the likelihood of sensory overload.

What We Do

A Little Something For Everyone

No Bake recipes contain a lot of pictures making it helpful for visual learners, people with disabilities and the young and young at heart.

The recipes are very flexible, which means you can adjust to your dietary needs or likes.

Below are three of our family favourite recipes from our new No Bake book. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


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I highly recommend this book. It's so easy to follow the instructions and I was amazed at the results. Couldn't believe I could actually make them nearly look like in the book. Thank you Jade for this amazing book.

What an awesome concept! So many clever recipes to follow - very visual too so it makes things really simple and fun. I’ve used some of the ideas with my students at school and they absolutely loved them! I can’t recommend this enough.

Fabulous book, kids and I loved it. Easy to follow and beautifully made. Highly recommended!

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